Find great new funders, not just “the usual suspects”


Actions speak louder than words, right? Fundtracker’s donor-centric "Follow the Money" approach lets you identify foundations and corporations you wouldn’t find otherwise. Fundtracker focuses on who they fund — instead of just relying on what they say.

Thanks to our unique corporate grant database, Fundtracker is the first tool that can use a donor-centric approach for corporate donors.



Do your research in seconds, not hours

Fundtracker is designed to streamline the fundraiser’s workflow. It uses personalization, proactive email alerts, and an intuitive interface to make your prospect research faster — and get you better results.

Let Fundtracker do part of your research for you, helping you save time and focus on your next ask.


The new way to research funders

Don't waste your time struggling with outdated and hard-to-use websites. Fundtracker is all about developing innovative ways to find the right funders.

That means the tool is constantly evolving to make your job easier.