About Ajah & Fundtracker

Ajah is a Montreal-based software company that builds tools that the Canadian non-profit sector needs. We combine open and public data with our own research to help funders and non-profits better understand the patterns, and specifically the risks and opportunities in their funding environment. The founders of Ajah have backgrounds in community development, software development and web entrepreneurship. We have an established record of developing easy-to-use, innovative software for the community sector.

Fundtracker PRO is Canada's premier fundraising prospect research tool. We are focused on using modern technology, open data, and intuitive design to offer fundraisers a tool that gives them great results and insights, while saving them time.

With advisors from Canada, the USA and the UK, Ajah's non-profit initiative, Powered by Data (a project on the Tides Canada Initiatives Shared platform), helps stakeholders collect and publish transactional, contextual and impact data about the non-profit sector that is open and interoperable.